Our Creations

With our passion for ALL things FAMILY, we have created signs made from old reclaimed wood.  We feel that incorpurating this old beautiful wood with your family name, lets us pass along a piece of our family's past to your family's future.

Being raised in the Rural Ozark mountains, we had limited TV exposure and  games were our source of entertainment.   Our family continues to gather around "Grannies" table and play these games. 

Our prayer is that each of our CREATIONS bring your family joy, laughter, love and precious memories.



Rustic Hanpainted Family Sign

​"What's in a name?"  Heritage, liniage, memories, pride, etc.  Share your heritage with a Red's Farm Creation.  These rustic signs are constructed of old reclaimed  lumber, and lettering is hand painted with weather resistent paint.  Generations to come will be able to display and enjoy these quality creations. 


Joker Board / Marbles Board Game


This family game will add many hours of entertainment to 4 or 6 players.  The object of the "JOKER" game is to get your partner(s) and your marbles home before your opponent. You do this by moving all five of your marbles around the board to your home position.   A joker card in this game is the power card.

This family game is for people of all ages 8 or older, and the game can be played as individuals or teams.


This game is very competitive and ADDICTIVE.   At first, luck is the main determining factor in winning.  With practice, strategy and cunning become as important as luck.  The scenarios are constantly changing with each move of  opponents and partners.  There's just something about matching wits with an opponent that people like and want to do again and again.   


Wheather you have a favorite sports team, a preferred logo, or you just prefer a family name, Red's Farm Creations will customize playing cards (sold seperalely), and we have marble for sale (also sold separately). 

Cornhole Boards


Currently only available in the State of Arkansas, please contact us for shipping information and cost.  


Cornhole is a game of skill and aim where the object of the game is to throw the corn bag through the hole and accumulate more points than your opponent.  

Red's Farm Creations Cornhole Boards are constructed of solid cabinet grade plywood.  Each are assembled using counter sunk screws.  All holes are filled, boards are primed and painted front and back. All boards are hand painted and customized with the message or logo of your choice.  They are sealed with polyurethane for durability.  


They have collapsible legs for easy set up and storage.  They are made to last for years to come.  Each set come with coordinating corn bags.